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What is 3am Software

It annoys/scares/depresses my friends, family, and co-workers that once I leave work and get home I continue to design software and write code. Alas, I really like designing software and writing code (I'm not thrilled about debugging it but since I don't write bug-free code ...) so it's my hobby as well as my career.

Well, I was always told to make sure to get a job that I enjoy doing. I guess they never counted on me taking that to extremes.

And, yes, I write much better code than English prose (in case you were wondering). Anyone got a compiler/debugger for English?

Anyways, the code I produce after-hours was often done late at night or early in the morning, hence the name 3am Software Foundry. Well, that is not entirely true. Alas, I've gotten older (possibly wiser) and late night coding marathons are rare these days.

3am Software used to be a hobby pretending to be more than it is. However, over the past few years 3am Software has sporadicly generated income for me (mostly used to pay taxes, put into SEP IRAs, and to buy more hardware). Starting in September 1999, I actually tried earn a living from 3am Software by consulting on primarily NetBSD-related tasks.

Alas, I got an offer (for a non-NetBSD based job) from AltaVista that I just couldn't refuse so I became an employee again. After being laid off from AltaVista and before even thinking about searching for a new job, I was contacted by Allegro Networks. They were looking for a NetBSD/powerpc person. Again, I got an offer I couldn't sanely refuse so I became an employee again. But the popping of the Internet bubble finally caught with Allegro Networks and I (and many other good people) were laid off in October 2002.

Since I had 20+ months of doing NetBSD-related work along with 4 years of doing the startup thing, I've decided to try to do some NetBSD consulting again. At the same time I plan on finishing on a few projects that have languished.

So if you need some help on a NetBSD-related (or other things that fit my background), I just might be able to help.

What did I do before/besides 3am Software?

In case you might want to use my services or if you possibly are wondering what events could have caused resulted in an individual like myself, I'll go into a bit of work history.

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